Ten Eekelder


Since 1905, the name Ten Eekelder has been well-known in Hengelo and for miles around. Bernard and Willem Ten Eekelder started a shoe shop on the Enschedesestraat in Hengelo, next to the Lambertus basilica. Over the years, Ten Eekelder has become a household name in Twente and the surrounding area, and has been a benchmark for quality and good service for a hundred years.

The name 'Ten Eekelder' goes hand in hand with shoes. The name is linked to the former activities in the leather tanneries. Eek refers to oak bark; oak bark was in the past used for tanning leather in the cellars.

In mid-February 2007, the only Authorized Shop in Twente was opened, inside the completely renovated store. The Authorized shop offers an extensive range of Van Bommel and Floris van Bommel.


Enschedesestraat 5
7551 EE Hengelo

Opening hours

Monday 13.00h - 18.00h
Tuesday 10.00h - 18.00h
Wednesday 10.00h - 18.00h
Thursday 10.00h - 21.00h
Friday 10.00h - 18.00h
Saturday 09.30h - 17.00h