Floris: “In Mongolia, I walked through knee-high snow in a really chic suit next to a camel caravan. While we were walking around, the photographer took a few shots, the camel took another dump and while I was looking around and the tea at the Yurt began cooling down, I decided that I would work even harder for the upcoming collection. There are probably easier ways to find new inspiration, but this clearly worked!”

Floris loopt door de omringt door een karavaan aan kamelen

Road trip through Mongolia

Floris: "Every six months, we travel far away to go on a road trip of around 1000 miles. My favourite tour so far was the one to Alaska, closely followed by Nepal, Tanzania and Iceland. The aim is always the same: come back with pictures that clearly weren't taken at home, but don't give a clue right away about where they were shot. The encounters with locals, the often Spartan living conditions, the completely stupid situations that I find myself in and the crazy party nights are without a doubt some of the highlights of my life. Travelling is such an enriching experience! Here are some snapshots from our Mongolia tour. Next stop (in summer 2019): Ethiopia!"

On every trip we try to take a really horrible, touristy picture. In Mongolia, it wasn’t actually so easy, but I think with this one we got it right.
By now, I’m a professional when it comes to accessories that keep me warm. Heat packs, electric earmuffs, thermo suit, and of course: snow boots.
Temples everywhere. Where would we be without all these sacred places…
Dry -20 degrees. Biting cold that goes right through you.
Changing clothes. Anytime, anywhere.
There aren’t really any hotels in the tundra… nomadic peasant families offer overnight stays in yurts.
That morning we shot the photos for the ad campaign, surrounded by camels. This was one of those typical “Wow, this is really different from sitting behind a desk all day” kind of moments.
The crew... boys will be boys.
Mongols are a proud nomadic people.
Our guest room for the first night. A yurt, heated with camel dung and coal.
Quick stop on the road for some location scouting. This one got rejected.
There’s a lot of this in Mongolia…
In Mongolia, you’ll see these everywhere: Freight trucks stacked with goat and sheepskin.
Our camera man risking his life riding a camel backwards.
Mongolia’s capital Ulaanbaatar. Until recently, Mongols were a solely nomadic people. You can tell that building houses and cities isn’t really their thing.
Mongolia is a really big country with few settlements spread over vast distances. It’s impossible to build paved roads for that. Every day and for many hours, we were driving across the plains and tundra.
NEVER skip a gas station in Mongolia!


Floris: "Aside from taking pictures, we always shoot a fantastic film as well. And I do all my own stunts! Motor biking in Costa Rica, crossing a hanging bridge in Nepal on horseback, travelling on the bed of a truck through Tanzania, shooting soup cans in Alaska, posing in front of reindeers in Lapland or, as for this film, walking around super aggressive camels in Mongolia – I do it all without breaking a sweat. This guy is the Tom Cruise of Dutch shoe manufacturing!"