Dark blue calf leather lace shoe / € 269,95  incl. VAT

This elegant lace shoe is made of dark cognac-coloured calf leather. The shoe is finished with a special laser-cut print on the toe cap. The laser prints are developed by Floris himself.

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18184/02 - Dark blue calf leather lace shoe

Floris about this shoe:

“Designing shoes is a tough job which can at times turn against you. Then you get a shoe designer cramp. That’s like writer’s block meets blackout meets “hitting the wall”. Terrible! When I had to come up with a pattern for the sole of this shoe, I suffered one of those. Zero inspiration! But: deadlines… that sole design had to go to the producer. My emergency scenario: draw everything I could see from my desk, plus some shoes in between to make it look like I had a plan. That’s why the pattern on this sole shows my tape roll holder, the smoking area in the parking lot outside, my coffee mug, my brother walking in, the potato on the 2-metre-high fork in my office, my planter with a cactus, the neighbour’s cat and much more. It’s terrible when this happens to you as a designer, but well, you’ve got to push through it… Luckily, it’s mainly about the shoe upper anyway. And when we designed this, we did not lack inspiration!”
  • Dark blue calf leather lace shoe
  • Dark blue calf leather lace shoe
  • Dark blue calf leather lace shoe
18184/02 - Dark blue calf leather lace shoe

Product information

  • Derby dress shoe
  • Dark blue calf leather
  • Blue lacing
  • Leather sole finished with a dark grey rubber outsole and a cobalt blue heel tip
  • Finished with a unique illustration designed by Floris: The cobalt blue "office " sole
  • Shoe last 137
  • Width H
  • Goodyear style
  • Matching belt: 75211/02
  • Clean and care product: Carbon Wax Spray