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A casual lace boot made of olive green suede with a print. The sturdy shoe is finished with the typical cobalt blue heel tip.

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10816/03 - Olive green suede lace boot with print

Floris about this shoe:

“This boot is inspired by the good old “brogue model”, the shoe with typical perforations that half the country seemed to wear in the 80s. The word “brogue” comes from the old-Irish word “bròg”, which simply means “shoe”. They say that back in the days Irish and Scottish shepherds used to punch small holes into their shoes. During their long tracks across the fields, eventually their shoes would run full of water. The holes ensured that as soon as it was dry again, the water could evaporate quickly. Over the years, these holes became more and more decorative and eventually became the well-known brogue perforation. As a tribute to those old shepherds, we have decided to surprise you and produce half the shoes with holes in the old-fashioned way – all the way through. Not exactly practical, but historically very accurate! (To be sure, I just checked what type your possible order would contain. It’s… the decorative holes! Lucky you!)”
  • Olive green suede lace boot with print
  • Olive green suede lace boot with print
  • Olive green suede lace boot with print
10816/03 - Olive green suede lace boot with print

Product information

  • Casual mid-high lace boot
  • Olive green suede leather with print
  • Finished with a supple calf leather padding around the ankle
  • Sturdy cognac-coloured leather heel counter finished with a laser-cut logo
  • Dark brown lacing
  • Leather sole finished with a taupe-coloured rubber treaded sole
  • Finished with a characteristic cobalt blue heel tip
  • Grey leather footbed, not removable
  • Shoe last 749
  • Width H
  • Blake style
  • Matching belt: 75202/21
  • Clean and care product: Carbon Pro Spray