Floris van Bommel for Big Green Egg

A collab for the foodies among us! Floris goes kamado... The team at Big Green Egg challenged Floris and his design team to mould the Big Green Egg's unique features into a sneaker. Information about the availability of the shoe can be found at the bottom of this page.

Floris about the shoe:

We took a nice, thematic approach to the design. During our research phase (Read: an evening of culinary freestyling on a Big Green Egg), the cheerful plume of smoke rising from the little chimney on the Big Green Egg caught our eye. That became the base for our design. Of course, the characteristic dents in the green ceramic exterior of the Big Green Egg were a must, too. We put those in the rubber of the stabilizer, at the back of the shoe, at the heel.

Men & women

The women's version is a bit more refined than the
men's version. The metallic textile at the sides
is a little shinier, and the mesh at the
forefoot a little more compact. The Big Green Egg
detailing is the same on both sneakers, however.

It's all in the details


Caution hot

The heel features a rubber plug with a white ‘F’. This plug was inspired by the lid of the Big Green Egg. Just like this lid, the edge of the plug says: ‘Big Green Egg, caution hot’.

Big Green Floris

The green rubber at the heel features the words ‘Big Green Floris,’ partially in the Big Green Egg Font and partially in the Floris van Bommel font. The dents in the rubber are an exact copy of the dents in the ceramic housing of the Big Green Egg. The original 3D files of Big Green Egg were used for the design.

The tongue

On the inside of the tongue, an existing ‘Floris van Bommel’ logo was transformed into a custom logo for this shoe. The original logo was once designed in honour of the woman who gave the company its name. For this shoe, the logo is adjusted to resemble the utensils you use to grill on a Big Green Egg.

The sole

Like the Big Green Egg, these sneakers are hot! Part of the studs on the tread are bright orange. You'll no doubt agree that they look just like the smouldering coals in a Big Green Egg.

White curling line

The very first design detail we agreed on was the thin white line curling across the forefoot and the side of the shoes. The white line refers to the smoke curling from the chimney during a summertime Big Green Egg session. Floris and his design team thought the plume of smoke was a splendid metaphor for the relaxed atmosphere of a simmering summer night spent on the terrace.

Big Green apron

Big Green apron

You can't stand behind a Big Green Egg grill only wearing a pair of sneakers. That's why we teamed up with Big Green Egg to design a beautiful leather apron. It's made of deep green cowhide and is finished with black leather details and heavy metal studs. The apron was made in the Netherlands and comes in a beautiful cardboard tube saying "Floris van Bommel & Big Green Egg". Size: One size fits all (up to an approximate waist measurement of 110 cm).

Friends and family are hanging out in
the garden, the weather is perfect, the
drinks are delicious and the Green Egg
is smoking. What shoe perfectly fits this
scene? If you ask Floris and his design
team, it's this smoky green sneaker.


The sneakers are made of a mix of ash-like rubber, ‘Big Green Egg’-green suede, smoky mesh on the forefoot and soot-coloured suede on the instep, accented by a curly line of white smoke. The bottom of the sole features the colour of smouldering coals.


The sneakers and the apron are available in the Floris van Bommel webshop, the brand stores of Floris van Bommel, at selected Big Green Egg dealers and selected Floris van Bommel dealers. The addresses and links of the participating Floris van Bommel dealers are listed below.