We don’t need to tell you how important proper shoe care is. Leather is just like your skin – it requires the right care. Your shoes already undergo their first, careful polishing in our shoe factory in Moergestel, but before wearing them for the first time, we recommend you also give your new shoes some additional care.

Floris: 'And off they go again. Out into the big wide world. It is always difficult to let them go. But should you purchase a pair of shoes from our new collection: make sure you look after them well! Say hi from me and tell them I miss them!’

Do not go outside unprotected

When it rains, you wouldn’t leave the house without an umbrella. The same goes for your shoes. Protect your shoes against dirt and water by using a moisture-repellent, impregnating spray such as the Carbon Pro Spray or Carbon Wax Spray.

It is important to use the right spray suitable for your type of leather shoes:

  • Carbon Pro Spray: suede leather, nubuck leather, textiles and metallic leather.
  • Carbon Wax Spray: smooth leathers such as calf’s leather.

Always make sure that your shoes are clean before applying the spray evenly onto the shoe from a 30 cm distance. Allow the shoes to dry naturally. Avoid drying them near the heating as this may cause the leather to dry out.

Maintain your shoes on a regular basis

Care for your shoes on a regular basis. The more regularly you apply the spray, the better the leather will be protected against dirt and stains. Moreover, cleaning your shoes will be easier this way too.

Give your shoes a break

By using shoe trees your shoes will retain its shape for much longer. Place the shoe tree into the shoe right after wearing them, when the leather is still warm and more malleable. Shoe trees prevent leather creases and wrinkles and absorb moisture so that your shoes can dry properly.

Fun fact: Did you know that your feet release the amount of one shot glass full of moisture into your shoes every day? This is why it is so important to let your shoes dry properly after wearing them.

Do you have any questions regarding the right care products for your Floris van Bommel shoes? Please do not hesitate to contact us via or give us a call at 0800-7245456.